воскресенье, 24 марта 2019 г.

oh my...i don't have words. I feel like a can fly right now. i really want to cry from the happines inside me. For me today is absolutely special day. Because, today is my birth day. My birth on Bloggerland (like commented once one girl).

On 24 march 2009 i posted my first message here. It was about my sister spanding his time in USA. I started my blog because i was Big Fan of TV show Lost. I found then, in the net - Jorge Gracia's blog (Hurley). For me his stories what he wrote on his blog, during living in Hawaii and filming in Lost -was soooo impresing. I read them with so much enjoing so i desided to make my own blog. so yes, Jorge Garcia became my Inspiration. Maybe if i didn't found his blog i never cannot meet the world of Blogspot and people what i meet here on my way. Thank you dear Jorge! Thinking about it today, i am felling double happy because i know what he knew the story - what he was my inspiration, i wrote him about it and he respond me). In 2009 when i started, i was 16 years old - young boy studying in school. To be 16 years old boy it mean what all boys (in school and from the yard) start to smoke, speak about all and nothing, drink etc. I like to live fun, i don't think what if you are teenager or old man - you need to do old mans things. I don't believe in this fakes. I always wanted and tryed to do things what i realy love to do. My Blog became my boat, where i can do all what i want to do with my time and life. So i started to look and search interesting things what is around me. You know!? - sometimes, for to be happy - you don't need to go far away from the place where are you now. You just need Imagination. And it work. I advice you, because i tryed it. 

I started to write small text from the the situation and daily's adventure what was happen in my life. I enjoing finding new things what borned in me new feelings.

Sincerelly to say, in 2009 my english was sooo bad (today is a little bit better ), but then - all my earlier posts was written with translation help of my sister, not always - sometimes she not have time for that and i tryed to use differently tipe of dictionary (online and offline). I can say what with help of this Blog i learned english and this is true. Thank you Blogger!

{PS.  I was so nervous then she didn't want to help me with translation))) Today I remembering that with smile on my face 😊

For the begining i don't have followers on my blog, in 2009 word "follower" not was so famous like nowadays. But this fact don’t disturb me. I wrote with passion. I wrote for myself.
I think that once, i thinked about socialization on Blogspot system. I mean i think about other bloggers what everiday make his lifes more funny and interesting. And i Begin to find new people with help of search panel in the left corner of this blog. I just press „next”.
I cannot remember when ( i will try to find this date) but i exactly know what the first comment on my blog was lived by Paul Spooner. I cannot remember who first find each other – Paul – me or I -Paul but the fact what some guy from the „other” plannet,  find time to write me something on my crazy post - give me a lot of impresion and power to keep posting new life stories.

Part I ________________________________________________

воскресенье, 29 мая 2011 г.

Lord of the radio waves

Radio is one of my favorite habitat during calm weather.
When I relax I listen information, which emanating from headphones of my phone, in my brain. In order that you would understand how interesting radio is, there are two interesting films which I adore- english one- "The Boat That Rocked" and a Russian movie that I just yesterday managed to watch - "Radio Day ".
Soon I plan to do my new project, which will be linked to Radio ...meantime, listen to these audio in which I ask questions and get answers from the famous Russians people. Thanks to Radio Mayak!!

суббота, 21 мая 2011 г.

Torrents.MD Volleyball Offline v8.0

I'll start with the backstory ---->
Like all people of our planet Earth, for to watch any new or old movie, I go to a site called Torrents. Our country, Moldova has its own website torrentsmd.com. In terms of finances, it's a very profitable site for us, because all the information as a CD-disks, books or magazines in the store I need to buy for money, but here I'm just taking and downloading all for free. Why you need to spend your money!? when you can even home to arrange your own holiday ... with popcorn and a bottle of Cola, looking at the screen of your own home computer, another long-awaited premiere of the film or cartoon. (Today, I watching -"Limitless").One difference is between our Torrents and overseas, our website often carries various interesting activities,where come - guess who?!? - Users of torrentsmd.com. At this time, and I managed to visit one of the planned measures. I come on a mini- volleyball - championship among users of this most popular site in Moldova, which was organized by the forum moderator of a site under the nickname - byzar. Thanks a lot to him! Without him I would not get into this Funny company.

At the game I went with my friend Andrew from school class.
Since we both know what "volleyball" means not only from dictionary, but also from our own practice, we immediately joined in the lot of players. In the game, we were taken very good and friendly, despite to the fact that we never earlier have not seen or communicated with them.
Here are a couple of photos from the games (all photos were taken by professional cameras - and it make me glad, click on the photo to see enlarged version))))

I'll try to hit the ball with tied hands...

Fish who was caught in the web...

All so different, but all such Awesome!

...my favorite photo of this day, became ... this guy (John) who stopped ball by his power of thoughts - in that position ...
and kept it so for 10 seconds %)

As once said one very wise man - "make your work to the end, and after - take Walk safely!" - After the match, the losing team has bought water, and all were unrealistically happy this purchase. The next stop was the "La Placinte"-in English is translated as - "At the pies", where one of the guys gave me a cover for a mobile phone.
Quite an interesting decision to use a packet for forks and knives ...

As I found out, at the users who have come to this Offline event, there is a tradition - after eating all that he ordered - they run out from the restaurant, and those who last run out from restaurant, need to pay for all - I like this crazy idea, this idea would be more cool if it were true! :) Actually, there have such a tradition - that after each Offline, each user of the site who come there, need to write on a napkin a Nickname which he uses on the site.
Personally, I love this tradition! Interestingly, can you guess which of all these inscriptions is mine!?? (hint are here, find it>>>: I am fan of LOst show! )

In the toilet of the restaurant, for the first time in my life i saw a touch-tap! I liked it so much, that I wanted to flirt with him!

вторник, 17 мая 2011 г.


No, it's not the crocodile's eyes ... it's two sixes.
This year, May 9, We celebrated 66 years from the date of the Victory and the End of World War II! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Our family could not miss this great celebration and very significant day (not only for the Soviet people but in general for all citizens of the world).
In our capital city, stands a huge monument dedicated to all who participated or had direct relevance to the event which took place from 1939 to 1945.

This Monument, is a - 5 rifles, which are connected to an end, symbolizing, in my opinion, support and friendship of a comrade's shoulder which helped to stand on their feet, even in the darkest moments.
I'm always going to feel himself in debt to those who gave their lives for victory over those who are not afraid to go in a straight line to death in front of those who allowed me today to write this post, I mean, who knows - what would be with us, if not WE would had won the war II?!?
Memorial Park, this year, was full as ever. Thousands of people considered it their duty to come at the Park area and to honor the memory of soldiers and heroes of World War II.

And I thought it necessary to take a small but very meaningful to me interviews with young in spirit -veterans .

In Moldova, still leave only 8500 veterans of the Second World War, in the whole world remain not so many and every year this number is getting smaller and smaller, so for me it was an honor to meet and talk with real people who shed their blood and sweat on the battlefield.
In this life, all of us are connected to each other, I think so, not only because I'm a fan of the show LOST, but also because it is absolutely true. It turned out that the first veteran whom I congratulate, is neighbor of my grandparents, exactly with him, my dad when he was young, went together for a swim in a pool.

It's he too, in the same day on 9th may, in the yard of his home - watering flowers.
PS. Do you fell some sort of a charm here!??

What kind of dogs it is?? (He also came to the Memorial Park ...)

понедельник, 25 апреля 2011 г.

Congratulations to all people who live on the Easter Island!

For them, it's double Feast.

For 18 consecutive years, I celebrate the Holy Day of Easter. Of course I don't remember how I celebrated for the first time this holiday, but I'm not so sick with sclerosis, that would no remembered how we spend yesterday - Easter. :}
What is available this holiday? Yes - you're absolutely right - bright, colorful chicken or not chicken eggs. My God, what a pleasure to break eggs.
Ingredients for breaking eggs:
Two colored eggs, two people, two strong hands.

And then everything is clear: both players - one armed with an egg - beat on the turn its eggs on the other, whose egg will not broken, is the winner! (This year I have so far won 2 times!)

Our Easter cake turned out this time, very tasty and beautiful. A secret that we enjoy every year that would make these cakes, we even filmed!
Following this recipe, I do not know if you do not get either, but ... try to invest in this process all your soul and a little money, because as we all know, as more you invest in something, so more you get in return. He he he!
Yesterday we went to Grandma!
Click to enlarge

1) IDEa
2) Equal confrontation
3) Unequal confrontation
4) NOt expected...

Time passed quickly quickly - probably due to the fact that we were not bored.
With my cousin, I played in the "War of the Worlds" - well, it's like Star Wars in Moldova!

At home I was waited by the Easter mountain!

четверг, 21 апреля 2011 г.

Life House

It's funny, and at the same time, very cool! Twitter,-on the page which I have already registered just under a year, last night helped me to get one small but significant response from a famous musical group Lifehouse,

songs which I have always recorded to mobile and on IPod!

воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

Lucky -is my second name *Part II

For the last time, I gathered quite a few of my interviews with famous people. Here are some videos - in which three brilliant and just a charming Russian singer - or rather, the singer who's performing on the Russian stage, answered on my questions:
1) Zara from Armenia
2) Sati Kazanova from The Kabardino-Balkar Republic
3) Natalia Podolskaya from Belarus.

Have you noticed that each of them smiled or even laughed!?? ")
I'm glad that i may made them able to laugh! My Luck!